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Why I’m moving to Boston

Even though Ireland is the European home for many of the world’s largest technology companies, I decided to work in Boston for my 6 month university internship. There was obviously many factors involved when I was making my decision about both where I wanted to work and what position would give me the best experience for the years ahead.

I’m sure I could add to, and learn a lot from, numerous companies in Cork or Dublin, but travelling adds another dimension to the six months. It will be a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of American culture, both during and outside of work.


The company that I am taking up a development position within, AgencyPort, is a great medium-sized software house. Although honing my java web applications skills would have been possible in Ireland, trying out for the company’s softball team may not have been.

Then there’s the travelling. Although I do have a week planned on the West Coast, there are many more trips around the country that are in their planning stages. I’ll be accompanied on some of these by friends who are also working in Boston and New York – a nice balance of the known meeting the unknown.

I’ve already arranged to meet some contacts during my time in the US, both new and old. I’m sure there will be many other chances to meet some great people, be it through work, through housemates or through other professional organizations.

Needless to say, I’m rather excited about my upcoming work (adventure) starting next week. If anyone reading this would fancy getting a coffee in Boston, New York, San Francisco etc. in the coming months, then please get in touch.


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I’ve been Hollistered

I’ve been Hollistered

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Survival, security or style – What are you working for?

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